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Applet Installation
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Applet Installation.

Here's an example if you want to use DuriusWaterPic on your index.html page:

  1. Copy all applet files (.jar, .cab and .class) from the Applets/WaterPic folder to the folder where index.html is.
  2. Copy the image you want to use to the same folder.
  3. Select the example (you will find three examples if you click the WaterPic link to the left) that most resembles the effect you want to achieve, click the 'View Applet tag' link that goes with that sample.
  4. In the window that comes up, copy the applet tag to the clipboard and paste it to the desired position in your index.html. The applet tag is the tag that starts with <APPLET> and ends with </APPLET>
  5. Now just insert the filename of your image in the image-parameter
    ( Note: Case Sensitive! ) and alter the width and height values in the applet
    tag according to the size of your image. If you want you can also tweak other settings in the applet as documented under the 'WaterPic' section.
  6. Upload all files (image, html, *.class, DuriusWaterPic.jar and to your webserver and thats it!

NavBar description:

The NavBar feature works on all applets and allows you to use several links within the same applet. Here's how it works:
Compose your menu-image by putting several buttons of the same size next-to
or on-top-of each other in the same image. Here's a sample image for a vertical

(Click the image to see it in action)
Now all you need to do is set the orientation parameter to 'v' (or 'h' if you're using a horizontal menu) and supply the urls in the url parameter. Here's how the url parameter would look for this particular menu:
<param name="url" value="
Note how every url is separated by a space.

This is all there is to it!