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Applet Installation
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Applet parameters
width, height These are the standard applet tags describing the width and height of the applet in pixels.
image The filename of the image to use. The path is relative to the html-document.
bg The color used for background when loading the image, in format rrggbb.
depth This is the depth of the lens, it can be negative or positive. 1000 gives a 'normal' lens. Try making this extremely high for some interesting effects.
lenssizex, lenssizey This is the size of the lens in pixels. Use small values for small applets etc. Cool tip: Try setting this to twice the appletsize, and the depth to -4000 or so!
url The target url when using the applet as a button or NavBar. If using a NavBar then this value is any number of target url's, separated by a space character. Omit this if the applet is not supposed to link to anything. * Tip - You can issue a mailto: command as you would in HTML, i.e.! *
target This option lets the user specify which frame to open a target url in. If omitted, it targets the default frame.
orientation This is the orientation of the NavBar. v for vertical or h for horizontal. Case-sensitive.
xadd, yadd These let you specify how fast the lightsources move. Recommended values are between 10-100.