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Applet Installation
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Here are some common problems and their solution.

Applet works locally on my computer, but not when uploaded.

If you see a message saying 'Can't find image'
then the image has not been uploaded to the correct folder, or the 'image' of the applet tag is incorrect. Most webservers treat filenames as case sensitive. It's very important that you consider this when filling in the 'image' parameter. For example, if your image is named 'SunSet.jpg' and your 'image' parameter reads
'sunset.jpg' then you will probably get this problem when you upload your web.

When I run the applet, all I get is a black screen and no error message.

If the width and height of the applet does not reflect the width and height of the image used, this is what happens. Make sure that width and height are correct.

I use several applets on the same page, nothing runs smoothly!

You really shouldn't use more than one of these applets on the same page. These are cpu-intense applets, and the implementations of Java that are available do not seem to cope very well with having several intense applets run at the same time. Running two applets on the same page uses more than double cpu-time.
This should be avoided at all costs!

When I've uploaded the applets I get a "java.lang.ClassFormat" or a "java.lang.MethodVerification"

It's important when you upload the applet files that you do so in Binary mode. Uploading them in ASCII mode will ruin the files. The same goes for images.

What is this rrggbb format?

The rrggbb format consists of three components: Red, Green and Blue
in hexadecimal format. The hexadecimal format spans from 0 to f
as opposed to the decimal format 0 to 9. There are two numbers for every color
component, 00 to FF. This represents 0 to 255 in decimal format.
The best way to get the color you want is to choose it in a good graphics program, for instance Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. There you will probably see the three component values in decimal format. Make a note of them and
click here for a conversion tool.