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Tommy's Treasure #1

HHITreasure.jpg (19951 bytes)

Here's what the treasure looks like. (About 2.5" x 4.5")

Ahoy maties.  An old pirate had to bring his treasure ship up Shelter Cove and unload his treasure on the shore.  He couldn’t draw a map, but made a list of clues which would guide him back to it. The clues are listed below. If you are a treasure seeker, maybe you will be lucky.  Each treasure starts with four gold coins.  I hope that be not be greedy and enjoy the hunt but take only one coin so that others behind you will not waste their time looking for treasure that someone has already made off with.  If you find it, e-mail me and let me know how many coins remain, so that I can keep you posted.  As of 1-24-02 there are four coins in Tommy’s Treasure #1.  Good luck. 

Ye starts yer voyage at the bubbling springs, but afore ye leave it, take note of the words written in the waters just above the steam.

Gets on the path leading from its steps, and watch closely where ye step as ye follow it, so ye can turn left at the first sets of tracks.

If the water is falling ye will get wet, but it normally dry so ye need not worry.

Ye may be tempted to sit and rest, but to find the treasure follow the path left instead.

Go ye toward the light, but if ye reach it, too far have ye gone to.

The gateway to ye fortune awaits you, answer the call.

Look ye up and find the picture of the bird whose beak can hold more than his belly can.

Walk ye that way and stay on the path.

Turn ye toward the harbor where the boats are kept and follow the path a small way - keep a lookout up for the next clue.

When ye gets the big map in the sky directly on your starboard side, mate, ye must stop, less you loose the trail.

Turn left on the path and go ye all the way past the building with the sign of nine twos but only one one.

The fish above ye is going the wrong way, go ye the way from which he came.

Stop when ye reach the gemini lights in the sky where the path forks.

Look around for El Grande Roberto’s house and take that path past the place till ye reach the first polled light ye come to.

To the left is a cave with a top but one wall only, watch yer head since ye must enter that cave if you want to find the treasure.

X does not mark the spot for this treasure mate, but the green spot means near ye are to it.

This treasure’s not buried but contains a loadstone that keeps it safe and secure, high away from the waters and the scallywags.

It’s in the corner of the wall and the entrance in which ye came.

Take the height of the words written in the bubbling spring, add ye half as much again and ye will know how high to look to collect the treasure.

All Pirates need to understand that there are other pirates that are also looking for the Treasure!!! It may be that you end up at the right place, but the ole' Pirate has heard that you may be looking for it and has already come back and got it himself.  If it is gone, ye are too late...but perhaps he will come back and hide it again.

If the Treasure is still there then let there be a Pirate's Curse on those who take more than their fair share of the booty. Be ye not be greedy, take one only and leave the rest for the next treasure hunter.

Remember you don't have to pull on, move, or dig anything.  When you are in the right spot, you will see it. Send a signal to Tommy ( to tell him of your fortune and let him know if there is still more treasure left for the next seakers. If ye take the last of the treasure, others must know.