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Jacuzzi 101

"Goofy's Guide to How to Jacuzzi"


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Welcome to the beginner's guide on how to use the Jacuzzi (in one or two bedroom units) at DVC Hilton Head Island Resort.  This may also be applied to other Disney property that has one of these wonderful tubs in the room.

As silly as it may sound, the Jacuzzi is not just a big bathtub that holds a lot of water.  Actually there are many controls, buttons, knobs, and do's and don'ts you need to know when you decide it is time to relax in the tub. Having such a contraption in my own home taught me some of the basics which may not be obvious to the new users.


Make sure you push down the stopper to keep the water from running out as you try to fill the tub. Just push it down until it stays down. Sometimes you may have to push on the side, rather than straight down.

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Adjust the water's temperature, and check it frequently as you fill the tub. It takes a long time to fill, and it is really a pain to have to drain it and refill it if you accidentally run it full of cold water. (I know!)

HINT: I always fill the tub and run the jets to clean them out from the last occupants' baths before I use it myself.  This can be done with either clean water or , in my own tub at home, I sometimes used a little automatic dishwasher detergent.  I emphasize, LITTLE.


Don't treat this as a large bubblebath unless you want the bathroom to look like an old episode from "I Love Lucy".  It is officially recommended that you do not put bubblebath in the tub. Unofficially I used some in my own Jacuzzi at home and as long as I only used something like a capful it did not spill over the sides of the tub. But, it did make a lot of bubbles!


Do not start the Jacuzzi until the water jets are well under the waterline, unless you want to play "fireboat" and spray water all over the bathroom and bedroom through the open windows. 

The jets are the little adjustable things on the sides of the tub.  The direction the jets shoot water is adjustable by pushing them with your fingers.  I also found out that they can be turned on and off if you wish, by turning the larger white ring around them to the right or left.

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Water jet outlet

Once you have the tub filled above the jets, you're almost ready to get in and enjoy the bath.  (Soft music from the bedroom radio and candles are optional).

To start the jet pumps running, you need to press down on the start button.   This button is a vacuum switch which means that it does not have any electrical current connected to it.  When you press down on the switch, it sends a puff of air to activate the switch. The switch is located next to the fill spout. 

HINT: The filler spout can be turned to get it out of the way if there are two sharing the bath for conservation awareness.

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Power switch to the right of faucet

There are two more knobs you need to be aware of.  These knurled knobs can be adjusted to allow air to enter the stream of water coming from the jets.  If you have them turned to the left (closed) only water is circulated through the jets.  If you have them turned to the right (open) it allows air to be mixed with the water stream and adds air bubbles to the water being circulated which adds more mass to the stream and feels great.

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Air adjuster


Don't obstruct the water inlet that circulates the water.  If you stick you hand in front of it you will feel the suction.  Be careful not to allow washrags or anything else to cover these.

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Water suction thingy

WARNING: There was a drowning in a hot tub spa (not at Disney - but a private home) a few years ago when someone stuck a girl's head under the water and her long hair was sucked into the water return and she could not get it undone.


Don't forget to turn off the Jacuzzi jets before you let the water out of the tub, and don't forget to wash the tub when you are finished.

Enyoy yourself and keep it clean.