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DVC Hilton Head Island Resort Room Statistics

Posted on DVC Info Station by Doc (
March 14, 2000

I did a little statistical survey of the resort this morning- including talking with some CM's.

Here is a room summary.

There are a total of 76 dedicated 2BR villas.
....21 Studios (all lock off)
....21 1BR units (all lock off)
....5 Grand Villas.
Square footage: (Added to Doc's Statistics from another source)
Studio 455
1BR 856
2BR 1311
GV 2362
There are 2 "smoking permitted" buildings (# 27 & 28)and 4 rooms at the lodge which are the same. This is a total of 1 GV, 8 2BR's, 3 1BR's and 3 Studios which are smoking permitted.
There are no dedicated 1BR or Studio villas ,all are lock offs. There are some opportunities for 3BR units in the lodge by combining a 1BR and 2 Studios. The lodge is the only area which has elevators for HC access. There are no ground level villas- all are one story off the ground.
Bldgs #23, 25 & 26 have pool view balconies. #11,12,13,14,15,17,18,22,24,27,29 and 31 have Marsh (Broad Creek)views. #16,19,20,21,28 & 30 have interior views of nothing in particular.
GV's are located in bldgs# 16,18,19,27 & 28.
Buildings #27 and 28 are smoking permitted, all others are non-smoking.
Mattersses are all being replaced this week. Ours was done this morning. We'll be here until Friday. if you have any specific questions about the resort, please let me know and I'll try to get an answer for you!